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7000 series entry systems with full page electronic directory

The 7000 series is a complete lobby entry system with built-in full page electronic directory. It comes with a standard 700 name capacity as well as a title page. Since it displays 20 names at a time, finding a name is quick and simple, unlike systems with 1 or 4 names per page.

Rugged construction using 16 gauge stainless steel faceplate and "lexan" window for the display screen protection.

Installation can be surface or flush mount.

The line includes models:

  • 7210/LCD (autodialer)
  • 7210/EL
  • 7010/LCD (directory)
  • 7010/EL
  • Flush Trim Kit 200/TR, 250/TR

System Features:

  • Full-page Directory, 20 lines per page  
  • One-Effort Programming on a Windows PC via RS-232 port (DB9) or USB adaptor
  • 700 name capacity
  • 26 characters per name field, 4 digits per code and 12 digits per phone number
  • Tenant codes can be actual suite numbers or coded for security
  • Variable Tenant Code length 1,2,3 or 4 digits
  • 4, 7, 10 and 11 digit dialing capability.
  • 26 point font size, Upper and Lower case.
  • Sorting by name or code
  • Customized welcome message
  • Zinc Die-Cast Marine Quality user Keypad
  • Non-Volatile Memory; retains programmed information during total power failure
  • Superior Lightning and Transient protection
  • 2 Programmable Relay outputs to control door strikes, gates, cameras, etc.
  • Built-in Multiple Entrance capability
  • Tone and Tapping Rejection circuitry to prevent Unauthorized Entry.
  • Provision for Postal Service Lock included
  • Switch input to Pulse entry doors during Emergency (Fire Alarm)
  • Door-Timer Cutoff sensor input prevents "Tail Gating" through entry doors
  • Keyless Entry Codes
  • Voice mail (Active Keypad) capability
  • Interface to Card Access System (Wiegand 26 bits)
  • Phone system Auto Dialer or No Phone Line Lobby Panel

Model 7210/LCD (with flush trim - 200/TR)

Model 7010/EL


Downloads (5)
Management Software Integrated System Rev 3.4
Installation Manual Stand-alone Directory
Installation Manual Integrated System
USB to Serial Driver (ATEN UC232A)


The system is available in two additional styles:


3000 Series - (Painted Steel, Black)

8000 Series - (Anodized Aluminum)

Model 3010/LCD (Black)

Model 8010/EL (Bronze Finish)


Downloads (2)

3000 Series Brochure
8000 Series Brochure