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6000 series multi talk-path no phone line

The 6000 series provides all the advantages and standard features of the 5000 NPL and more:

The 6000 NPL is a multi talk-path system. Up to 4 entrances can communicate simultaneously with different tenants.

The 6000 NPL is the proper solution for buildings having more than one entry point or concierge. In particular, buildings with heavy traffic during different time periods, where a single talk- path system can only process one call at a time and can lead to a "bottle-necking" problem.

System Features:

  • Up to four talk paths for multiple visitor calls at the same time
  • No monthly telephone bill
  • Resident does not need telephone service
  • Lobby call-waiting
  • Distinctive double ring
  • No reprogramming when residents move
  • Only 2 wires interface to lobby
  • Off-premises call capability
  • Built-in DSL Internet Filter
  • Connection for guard phone (standard tone phone)
  • Up to 1536 resident capacity
  • Compact cabinet size: 10"W X 14"H X 6"D
  • Each cabinet houses 8 line cards (96 residents)
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